Immerse yourselves in the lives of refugees living in Hong Kong, as you and your team complete a series of exciting challenges and activities!

Can your team…
…get to all the check points and finish line in the fastest time?
…learn about refugees while completing challenges against the clock?
…travel through Hong Kong with limited means?

The Great Refugee Challenge, organised by a team of refugee athletes supported by RUN, is an experience that will allow participants to gain an insight into the lives of refugees currently living in Hong Kong, and a fundraiser for refugees in Hong Kong.

The Great Refugee Challenge is organised on request and is ideal for companies or groups of individuals who are interested in a fun, team-building activity outdoors, an opportunity to get educated on issues facing refugees living in Hong Kong, and a unique way to give back to the community. Sign up for the Great Refugee Challenge with your company, friends, or family today!



Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Great Refugee Challenge?

The Great Refugee Challenge is an experience that will allow participants to gain an insight into the lives of refugees currently living in Hong Kong. The Challenge is also a fundraiser for refugees in Hong Kong.

2. Who is organising the Great Refugee Challenge?

The Great Refugee Challenge is organised by refugee athletes living in Hong Kong who are participants in RUN programmes.

3. How are winning teams determined?

Teams of 3-4 compete to reach designated checkpoints and complete challenges at each checkpoint. The winning team will be the one that is able to BOTH successfully complete all checkpoints AND achieve the lowest completion time. There will be opportunities for extra bonus-time challenges along the way!

4. What is the prize for winning the challenge?

The winning team members will each receive an official RUN T-shirt, RUN hat, and free entry in our next RUN Charity Race.

5. What language will The Great Refugee Challenge be Conducted in?

The race will be conducted in English (but we will be offering a Cantonese edition in the near future).

6. Do you provide accident insurance?

Please note that you will need to be responsible for your own insurance coverage for any incident that should arise throughout the course of the Challenge.



1. How many people/teams do I need to participate?

Each Challenge requires a minimum of 4 teams for 3-4 participants each.

2. Is there an age limit for participants?

Due to the nature of the Great Refugee Challenge route and activities, we are only able to accept participants who are ten years or above. Each minor (under 18’s) will need to be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian who is also on the same team. We have designed the activities so that they are suitable for adults and children who are ten years old and above. We want the race to be fun for both kids and adults!

3. What is the registration fee?

The registration fee is a minimum donation of HK$5,000 per team. An initial deposit of HK$1,000 per team is required to secure your registration.

4. How far in advance do I need to register?

Please contact us as soon as possible to check our availability to organise a Challenge on your preferred date. An initial deposit of HK$1,000 is required at least one month in advance to secure your registration.

5. How can I register?

To request the Great Refugee Challenge for your preferred dates, please complete this form.

6. I don’t have enough people to host my own Great Refugee Challenge. Can I still participate?

From time to time, we will organise Challenges that are open to public registration. Please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to receive updates!



1. What kind of challenges will I have to complete?

You will be asked to complete challenges that test your memory, your logic, and IQ and a LITTLE bit of physical ability – but mostly the challenge is about teamwork and your own communication skills!

2. How long will the challenge take?

The race should be completed within five hours.

3. What is the route?

The route is a secret, but the starting point will be at the The Hong Kong Observation Wheel at AIA Vitality Park in Central (the big Ferris wheel near Central Star Ferry Pier), and the Challenge will conclude in Wong Chuk Hang. All the checkpoints are accessible by public transport.

4. How will I get from one checkpoint to another?

You will be required to use a limited and pre-determined budget to travel to checkpoints via public transport and on foot. It’s a race, so you’ll have to be quick!

5. Can our team members travel separately to reach different checkpoints?

All of your team members will need to arrive and leave each checkpoint together as a team.

6. What kind of logistics support will I have during the Challenge?

Each team will be given a starting pack at the beginning of the race. You may only use the items supplied by the race organiser. Outside support (extra spending money – apart from public transport fees, additional team members) is strictly prohibited.

7. What kind of clothing should I wear?

We strongly recommend you wear any kind of sportswear or comfortable clothing. You will need to travel between checkpoints and complete challenges quickly, so we recommend wearing running shoes. You will be outdoors the entire time, so don’t forget to bring a hat, water, and sunscreen!

8. Is there a bag-drop service?

Due to the limitations of the venues and route, we are not able to provide a bag-drop service.

9. Will I get to interact with refugees?

Yes! At each checkpoint and throughout the route, you will be challenged and quizzed by refugees who are a part of RUN. One exciting aspect of this race is that you will personally get to know our great team of refugees!

10. Can I take photos during the Challenge?

In order to protect the privacy of our refugees, you will not be allowed to take any photos using your own devices, including cameras, mobile phones, GoPros, or similar devices. We will have official photographers who will capture your experience, and we will share those photos with you following the event, which you are welcome to share on your social media channels.

11. Will the Challenge be cancelled if there is rain or a typhoon?

The Great Refugee Challenge will go ahead unless there is an amber or more severe rainstorm. In the event of a Typhoon Signal number 3, the race will be rescheduled. In the event of a Typhoon Signal number 8, the race will be cancelled.



1. How will my participation and donations benefit refugees?

Registration fees and donations from the Great Refugee Challenge will allow RUN to continue its work of rehabilitating vulnerable refugees and extending its programmes. Learn more about our programmes here.

2. How do I fundraise for our team?

After we have confirmed your registration, we will set up a fundraising page for your team on Sparkraise. You will then receive instructions on how to submit your donations. Each team must raise a minimum of HK$5,000 within one week before the Challenge date.

Please note that only donations of HK$100 or greater will be eligible for a tax-deductible receipt.