At RUN, we work hard to build a strong, warm, supportive environment where people feel relaxed and can depend on one another. But don’t just listen to us, hear it directly from the rest of the RUN community!

“In my home country, I did not have the same opportunities that boys like my brother had to study or work. In my culture, parents believe that it is better to invest in boys. Later, when I was married, I was abused by my new family, but I was always afraid to stand up for myself or to speak out. Now with RUN, I have found my voice. I am proud of myself. I didn’t know what I was capable of before. Women shouldn’t just be behind someone, they should have the confidence to step forward.”

- Camille*, refugee from South Asia

“When I first joined RUN, I could not even run half a lap. When we went to hike, I wanted to turn back. For International Women’s Day I will celebrate myself. Now I am healthy. I am integrating into society. I run on my own. I am proud of myself.”

- Elise*, refugee from Central Africa

“The impact you are having is immeasurable. You have given my mum confidence and the awareness of her own strength. From the time she started running, I have seen her grow into the woman she was before, even better.”

- Teenage refugee from East Africa about her mother, a survivor of torture and domestic violence.

“RUN prepared me for my resettlement. I was part of the Study & Mentorship Programme, and it forced me to think ahead and prepare myself for my future. As refugees, we often only think about food and housing as surviving here is so difficult, but we need to look ahead and be ready for a new life so that we do not waste time when we are resettled.”

- Adam*, refugee from East Africa who was re-settled in 2018

“Rebuilding refugees’ lives through sport is just one of many innovative ways in which society can use non-traditional solutions to empower refugees and allow them to prepare themselves for the future ahead, wherever that may be.”

- Official from the UNHCR in Hong Kong

“When a mentor benefits as much as the mentee, you know that you are in a special programme. Since May of last year, I have had the good fortune to engage with my mentee as he laboured through online finance courses, wrote a detailed CV and planned for an employed future. In spite of all the years of hardship he has been through, he impressed me with his positive energy and strong determination to move forward step-by-step. I learned a great deal myself just observing how he calmly dealt with his present situation and how he approached life. At the same time, I sensed great gratitude and appreciation from him towards the RUN organisers, for the close attention, guidance and resources furnished to him. After 30 years in the corporate world, I am aware that a good mentoring programme is very difficult to establish, but RUN has managed to set up one that is both practical and effective. Thank you RUN for a chance to mentor on a wonderful platform.”

- Kim Hong, volunteer mentor

“Volunteering with RUN is probably the best thing I’ve done since coming to Hong Kong. The thing that I like about RUN is that everyone is doing the same thing together. There’s a whole range of talent and speed and it’s not competitive, it’s just about exercising together. It doesn’t matter where we’re from, we’re all running together.”

- Jack Wyse, volunteer

“As a supporter of RUN since inception, staff at Macquarie give back to their local community by supporting and engaging with refugees directly – whether through track training, study mentoring, or participating in RUN’s annual charity race, an event organised by refugees for refugees. Staff are inspired by the refugees’ journeys to rebuild their mental and physical health. Importantly, RUN reminds us that we are one community.”

- Macquarie Group Foundation