The last year has taught us all how unpredictable life can be and the importance of adapting to changing circumstances. At RUN our participants understand and exhibit resiliency better than any of us and despite the challenges over the last year our team at RUN is focused on delivering rehabilitation, support, and education to our participants no matter what.

For our participants, many of whom are victims of trauma, routine and reliability are critical to reduce anxiety and isolation. Over the coming weeks RUN will continue to stay flexible and to pivot to changing rules and environments, while also executing a contingency plan which our participants are familiar with and can expect for times when our programme cannot run as usual.



  • Hiking to Heal – RUN continues to leverage the benefits of outdoor exercise safely, by organising small, self-led hiking groups within health, safety, and group size regulations. Several participants have been trained as hiking leaders and will learn how to safely plan and lead weekly hikes. RUN will provide guidance, training, transport, and food allowance.
  • Track Training – With the help of our volunteer running coaches, RUN shares running plans for different levels so that participants can run near their homes or self organise small running groups safely. Workouts which can be done in a small space at home or in the park are also shared until it is safe to resume normal track training sessions.
  • Kids Sports – When it is not safe to meet for our usual weekly kids sports programme, RUN organises “RUN Kid Packs” including crafts, activities, and healthy snacks. These special bags are distributed weekly.



  • Online Study – RUN has expanded our WiFi support programme to include all students to accommodate both those studying online previously and those who must now adapt to online study temporarily for English, caregiver studies, or other workshops. Participants have also been taught how to use Zoom in addition to GSuite to better access virtual study and support.
  • English Classes – RUN has adapted our in person instruction to accommodate online study for English students. Private lessons are conducted via Zoom or in person when it is safe to do so and if students feel comfortable to do so. Group lessons are also held via Zoom with homework sent out weekly both in digital form and with hardcopies available in the office for pick up by appointment.
  • Mentorship Programme – RUN’s new mentorship programme will include six group workshops followed by six 1:1 meetings between mentors and mentees. When needed, group workshops and 1:1 meetings will be held virtually via Zoom.


Emergency Support

RUN continues to provide emergency support even during COVID restrictions with weekly individual appointments for participants to pick up

  • food donations
  • a weekly recipe provided by a RUN participant with ingredients to make the dish
  • hygiene products
  • masks
  • sanitisers
  • homework and study resources
  • kids activity packs


Health Support

RUN’s medical support programme also continues with individual appointments to meet with our health advisor who assists RUN with facilitating support from pro bono doctors. To accommodate mental health support, RUN currently works with 3 pro bono therapists and psychologists to continue offering their services virtually.