Blog | 8 March 2020

Today, we join individuals and organisations around the world to celebrate International Women’s Day. Since our very first hike almost five years ago, we have had a special focus on women. Today, 65% of our adult participants are female – out of those, 65% are survivors of sexual violence and 51% are alone or alone with children in Hong Kong. To us, fighting for gender equality looks like:

  • Enabling access to sports activities with a special focus on women, especially since female refugees face greater barriers than men due to cultural and religious reasons;
  • Empowering our female participants through relevant health education and resources;
  • Providing adequate support (like child care) to our female participants so that they can take full advantage of our programmes and focus on their own healing journeys;
  • Advocating for our female participants to explore and develop a variety of skills, including urban farming, caregiving, and technology, because any job is a woman’s job;
  • Championing our female participants by amplifying their voices and their stories.

But don’t just take it from us! Hear from three of our women participants about how RUN is has made a difference in their lives in their lives in our brand new video:

On this International Women’s Day, we ask you to consider becoming a monthly donor to RUN. For those of you who have ever run a race (and we know there are many of you who have!), you know the importance of having a strong support crew to cheer you on, help you to refuel, and replenish supplies.

For us, our monthly donors are our support crew. Your monthly gift means that we can stay focused on our goal of rehabilitating vulnerable refugees through sports, education, and beyond. It means that we can keep running, even when we’re so darned tired! Here are some of the ways that your monthly gift can make a difference:

  • HK$150 will pay for a month of healthy snacks and drinks at our hiking sessions for one female refugee
  • HK$300 will pay for swimming gear for swimming lessons or a pair of trainers for hiking for one female refugee
  • HK$400 will pay for a month of online study (including wifi, transportation to meet a mentor, and online study fee) for one female refugee
  • HK$600 will pay for a month of babysitting costs for one refugee mother, so she can attend our programmes


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