Go the distance and fundraise for RUN!

When you fundraise for RUN, you not only give us the resources to continue serving vulnerable refugees, you also help to spread the word about the situation facing refugees in Hong Kong and connect your friends and family to our work.

Fundraise for RUN

Start your fundraiser in four simple steps:

  1. Pick a challenge and a fundraising goal
    Whether you want to run a race, throw a bake sale, or organise a movie night, you can choose a challenge that fits you. Setting a fundraising target helps mobilise your friends and family around a goal. One of our fundraisers, Jack Wyse, suggests setting a fundraising goal that grows over time: “You can start small because people feel like they can have a bigger impact and are more likely to donate, then you can raise it over time as you meet the target.”
  2. Create your personalised online fundraising page
    Setting a personalised online fundraising page only takes a few minutes and makes it easy for your friends and family to donate and keep up with your progress. Funds raised will be sent directly to RUN, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  3. Spread the word
    Tell your friends and family about your fundraising campaign! Think about the different channels you can use, including social media, Whatsapp messages, emails, or even announcements at your school/office!
  4. Thank your donors
    Thank your friends and family for their support and let them know the impact that they’ve made by supporting you. Get creative about how you thank them – send them a thank you card, give them a shout-out on social media, or share some homemade treats with them.


Connect with us

Want to dedicate your next race to RUN? Get in touch! We’d love to cheer you on and we’ll even send you some RUN gear (while supplies last) so you can wear your cause proudly on the route.

Need some inspiration?

Here are some fun ideas from some of our supporters:

  • Jack Wyse participated in not one, not two, but FOUR very different races (a vertical race, an obstacle course, a trail race, and a road race) to cover the cost of one year of sports for a vulnerable female refugee
  • Richard Letcher of Profile Search & Selection swam 13km in the open ocean around Hong Kong to raise awareness and funds for refugees in Hong Kong
  • The dynamic mother-daughter duo Karen Wei and Ally Lor raced 250km of wilderness of the nomadic country of Mongolia in the iconic 4Deserts Gobi Desert to raise funds for RUN
  • Mai Schroder challenged herself to live on a HK$40 daily food allowance to raise awareness for the plight of refugees in Hong Kong and raise funds for RUN (Free to Run at the time)


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