Blog | 15 January 2020

“I love sharing food from my home country, because I like these dishes and they remind me of my family and my mom,” says Helen* from Egypt. “When I come to the RUN office, I feel like all of them are like my sisters and family, so I want to share my family’s cooking with them.”

At RUN, we support refugees and asylum seekers from 18 different countries, each with their own culture and history. Part of what makes RUN special is how our programmes bring these cultures together as one community. Food plays a significant role in that.

Over the last few months, we’ve worked with RUN participants to document family recipes that have been passed down through the generations into a collaborative RUN Cookbook. Our hope is that despite having to flee their homes, our participants can strengthen their connections to their cultures and have another tangible piece of their history to carry with them as they rebuild their lives, wherever that may be. The RUN Cookbook is not just a collection of recipes. It’s a collection of memories. It’s the story of our participants and their resilience.

The RUN Cookbook will be available starting in late February, but you can pre-order your copy starting today! Pre-order your copy of the RUN Cookbook during the month of January and you’ll be entered into a lucky draw to have your copy personally signed by each of our participants who contributed recipes to the cookbook!

Order your copy of the RUN cookbook here.


* Name has been changed