Blog | 10 April 2020

At RUN, we are committed to our work of rehabilitating refugees through sports, education, and beyond – no matter what. That means that over the past few months, we’ve adapted our programmes so that we can continue to give our participants opportunities to keep their bodies and their minds active and healthy while keeping everyone safe, we’ve ramped up our distribution of emergency supplies like food and other basic necessities, and we’ve continued to nurture this community – because we are stronger together.

In addition to what we’re doing for the current situation, we are simultaneously fighting for our participants’ futures, whether that’s supporting them to develop their skills and find opportunities to exercise those skills, or helping them to start a new life in Canada through our Community Sponsorship Fund.

We need your help to keep going. We know that this is a difficult time for everyone, but we also know that in times of crisis, the most vulnerable among us are hit the hardest. Refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong are some of the most resilient people we know, and with your support, we can ensure that they can have access to the resources they need.

Here are a few ways you can support our RUN participants right now:

1. Become a monthly donor. Your monthly gift, especially during uncertain times like these, enables us to keep our programmes going no matter what and to focus on our goal of rehabilitation vulnerable refugees through sports, education, and beyond. Donate here.

2. Help us collect gifts in kind. We especially need non-perishable food (e.g. rice, beans, cooking oil, canned tuna, tomato sauce, pasta), hygiene and sanitary items (e.g. shampoo, body soap, women’s sanitary items, M-L diapers for babies), and COVID-19-related items (e.g. face masks for adults and children, disinfectant wipes and cleaning products).

3. Donate supermarket vouchers. As supplies are scarce and prices of basic necessities have increased, having additional vouchers to shop with can be a huge help to our participants. You can purchase supermarket vouchers directly from Wellcome in denominations of $50 or $100.

4. Purchase a RUN Cookbook. Our cookbooks contain 49 recipes from our participants, representing 12 different countries around the world. Buy a copy (and grab a copy for a friend while you’re at it!).

5. Organise a fundraiser. We know that many races and events have been canceled, but it’s also a great time to flex your creative muscles to challenge yourself! For inspiration, check out this man’s experience running a marathon from the confines of his apartment to raise money for charity! Start your fundraiser for RUN!

6. Help our refugees to start a new life. We have an opportunity to help three of our families leave their life of limbo in Hong Kong to start a new life in Canada through a model of private community sponsorship, but we urgently need the funds to do so. In 2020, we need to raise an additional HK$568,000 to help three families. Read more about how your donation can help our participants build a better future.

7. Pledge your government handout. The Hong Kong government recently announced measures to support residents through a one-time stipend of HK$3,500 for students and HK$10,000 for all adult permanent residents. While this is a welcome move for many, refugees and asylum seekers have been left out of this support. If you are able, pledge (part of) your government handout to help divert government funds to those who need it the most.

8. Volunteer your translation skills. We always need volunteers to help us translate various materials from English to Cantonese. Fill out our Volunteer Interest Form if you can help!


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